Myths about rehab…

I see so many people spreading FALSE information about detox and rehab. I’m sure that different people have had unique experiences, but you CANNOT just go by just one bad example. Please do not let someone discourage you from getting the help that you need. I was 17 years old the first time my MOM smoked crack with me! And we did heroin and coke together as well, up until my 30’s and my Mom’s 50’s. That was my former role model. I thank God that I was the one to break the cycle in my former family. My kids are my everything. I got sober because they didn’t ask to be brought into this world. I had to be a better Mom than mine was. I used drugs for 20 years until I got clean March 17th, 2018!!! It feels absolutely amazing to not use drugs anymore and to actually be a good and productive member of society and human being. Every day I try to be better than the day before, smile at people or help someone, whenever I can. Now I thank God for waking me up in the morning so that I can live another day. Before, I wanted to blow my brains out everyday either because I had no money for drugs or felt like a piece of shit. Thank you God that those days are over!!!! I’d like to share my experience with detox and how AMAZING and EASY it was for me to get help. This is the story of what finally made me get help.. It was a Saturday and I was hurting and withdrawing so bad. I had remembered that my husband found a fake $100 bill on the ground, by our house. Let me give that a shot, I thought. Stupid me… So I searched for change to take the bus across town, to my dealers house. Lucky me because when I got there, he already had a line of heroin on the table for me because he ran out of drug baggies. Sweet, I thought. I instantly felt better. So, he saw me to the door and I took a step on the porch before handing my dealer the fake $100. I was shaking. I folded the fake money in half, trying to make it look somewhat normal. That did not work!! As soon as he looked at the fake money, he said, “what the fuck is this? Get your ass inside and slammed the door!” Do you think I’m fucking stupid?” he said. “Your lucky I don’t kill you, I can’t believe you tried that shit with me.” He said. ” Empty out your fucking pockets!” I tried to tell him that I had done it all already, but obviously he isn’t stupid. He took all the bags back except for the one he couldn’t find that I was hiding in my ripped jacket and he let me go after telling me to never fucking come back! Wow, I still can’t believe I did that! So, by Monday, I was feeling horrible again and I could’t stop thinking about what I had done to my dealer. I really was lucky to be alive!!! That was my final straw. I needed some serious help. I called a local hospital and they told me to come to the emergency room and tell them what was going on with me. After begging my Dad and step mom to help me and put my kids on the bus the following morning, they finally agreed to help out. They could only help 2 times because they had a dinner to go to with friends the next day, so that was more important than getting help for his daughter or helping with their grand kids. Any who, I got to the E.R. at 6 p.m. and by 11 p.m. I had my first dose of medicine and I remember feeling so hungry, that I ate 5 Turkey sandwiches and I don’t even like Turkey ( I’m a Ham kinda gal)!!! After I ate a million sammy’s and a left over hamburger, I laid down for a bit and by Noontime, I was already being discharged! I would be home to get my kids off of the bus and I didn’t need my Dad, thankfully, after all. Detox scheduled me an appointment for the following morning to come and get my medicine and they even scheduled a cab to pick me and bring me back home, all free for me because it was covered under my insurance. I did that for 2 weeks, until my intake appointment at outpatient rehab. How easy was that guys??? Come on and change your life, just like I did. It is sooooooo easy!!!!! Now I have happy kids, a decent job, and MONEY in my pocket!! Seriously, I truly wish I had done it so much sooner. Please, please, please, get help. Live the life you’ve always dreamed of. If I can do, you can do it!!!!! Please come back and share your recovery story with us, because we’d love to know how you are doing!!!!

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